Surprised And Humbled

As I mentioned in my post Why do I blog?, part of the reasons why I blog are to express myself, to journal my day and my life events, to preserve memory for my children, and to share what’s on my mind.

So I  will write regardless if anyone else is interested in reading my blog. In fact I hardly know people who read my blog.

Certainly, it would be nice to have a big number of followers who subscribe to and regularly read my blog, or to have a lot of comments and feedback to my posts. But it doesn’t bother me if that doesn’t happen, because I know there are too many excellent blogs out there and I am in no position to compete with them for readers.

As long as my daughter reads my posts, I am happy.

Today when I clicked a referrer link, I was surprised to find my blog listed on a page that also includes blogs by those big name bloggers whom I recognize and admire, whose blogs I subscribe to and read regularly – Will Unwound, zen habits, The Personal Excellence Blog, Prolific Living, Tiny Buddha, etc.

The page titled Motivation, inspiration, productivity, minimalism, etc. is “the best collection of many famous and some less-known blogs on motivation, inspiration, personal development, productivity, life coaching, positivity, simplicity, minimalism, frugality, entrepreneurship, healthy living, blogging, etc.” I don’t know how my blog got on that page and who the creator Nishant Mishra is. His profile is in the Arabic language and I couldn’t understand a word.

It feels strange to see my blog listed in such a place. But I do feel honored and humbled to be on the same page with the other well-known bloggers. I don’t feel I deserve such an honor.

And I am thankful for Nishant Mishra who created the page. I love it. It includes my favorite blogs and covers all the topics I am very interested in myself.

I think this is a perfect opportunity to send my “A thank-you a day” note which I haven’t done yet for today.

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  1. Hello Qin!

    Thank you so much! No one has ever appreciate my little effort in such high words. That sounds like a big achievement. You are happy, and that’s the achievement 🙂
    My profile info is in both English and Hindi, and not in Arabic, though I am able to read/write in Arabic too. I blog primarily in Hindi and get inspirations from many great and good bloggers like you 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments here. I am glad I was the first one to send you a thank-you note to express my appreciation for your effort. I really feel honored to be on the same page with other bloggers I admire. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words.
      Sorry I mixed Hindi with Arabic. Since I don’t know either, I can’t tell the difference.

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