A Thank-You a day

Today I went to Borders Bookstore to kill some time I had between dropping off and picking up a friend’s child for gymnastics. I knew Borders is closing the store in Woodbury and everything is on sale. I just wanted to look around and check it out.

I saw a book titled 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude
Changed My Life
 by John Kralik. The author tells how writing a thank-you note a day changed his life.

It’s a simple idea and can be easily practiced. So I thought why not do it myself, starting today.

I had just visited Lake Middle School for the parent information night and met  some teachers for my two kids for the first time. Writing a thank-you note to the teachers is a good thing to do.

So that’s what I did after I got home from Borders.

I sent thank-you notes to three of teachers I met today, two for the first time.

As I am writing this post and thinking about writing thank-you notes now, I realized that I had already sent thank-you/congrats/best wishes kind of notes today and the day before. Actually I have done it regularly, if not daily, without thinking about it.

But starting today, I will definitely be doing it daily and more intentionally.

I know it’s good for our soul to be appreciative and have an attitude of gratitude.