Peace Come From…

Peace is a precious gift. It’s priceless. You cannot buy it. Whether you have it or not does not depend on your social and economic status.

Where do peace come from? How do you stay calm and have peace in your heart and mind when facing troubles, trials, tribulations and tragedies that life inevitably throw at us?

In the book Listen to the Heart, author Bobbie Reed talks about the fruit of the spirit and where peace comes from.

Peace comes from

  • believing in God
  • staying close to God
  • doing good
  • knowing you’re where you’re supposed to be
  • letting go of fear
  • never giving up hope

Peace comes through trust.

Peace comes with forgiveness.

Peace is a choice.

Peace can be made.

Peace is experienced in the present.

I am so thankful for the peace I have. I don’t lose sleep over government shutdown, layoff, stock market crash, getting old, having troubles at home or at work. I have peace.

What a precious gift it is to have that peace of mind and heart!

May you have peace, have peace of mind, no matter what your life circumstances are and how big troubles, trials, tribulations and tragedies you are facing in life.