The Magic Of Face To Face Conversation

Nowadays email has become such a popular communications tool in the office, we talk less and less with our coworkers face to face.

More and more of our working time is spent on emails. We constantly write emails and respond to emails. We even email people who sit right next to us and can easily talk to. We can sit all day in front of the computer taking care of business via emails.

At the same time, our office phones are getting very quiet. When we call someone, there is often no response. The person we try to reach can be either out of office or busy and doesn’t want to answer the phone right now. Sometimes we can even get a response quicker when we communicate via email than via phone.        

Today I had to take care of some business at work that involves people in different offices. I needed quick response and quick action.

Normally I would use emails to communicate, but I didn’t want to email back and forth and wait for responses. When my calling didn’t get answered, I simply walked to a different floor and talked to the person face to face. We were able to get things clarified, questions answered, apointment scheduled and actions taken right on the spot within a few minutes. It was quick and efficient.

Afterwards I had a sudden revelation that face-to-face talk is still the most effective and efficient communications tool. How sad that we don’t do that more and instead let email become the dominant communications tool.

I am not against email. It is really effective in some situations, such as communicating with more than one person at the same time. All I want to point out is  don’t overuse email and don’t forget face-to-face conversation.

There is magic in the direct human contact.

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  1. Face to face–what a novel idea! My daughter actually texts her sister if her sister is in another room. What’s wrong with that picture!? Love the way you just got up and went to see the person and worked things out.

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