Unwarranted Complaint

The other dayI felt very embarrassed by making an unwarranted assumption and complaint. I receive quite a few emails every day, including several e-newsletters and blog posts.Usually I don’t have time to read them all. Based on the subject headings, I open and read some of the messages and ignore the rest and leave them unopened. While I was on vacation in San Diego, I received an email notice from WAA regarding the WAA basketball registration for the 2011-2012 season dated June 28. I didn’t give it much thought and attention at that time. Last week as I went through some of my old emails, I reread the WAA message. To my dismay, I noticed that”Fees increase on July 1, 2011.” Because I didn’t receive any previous notice regarding the basketball registration date and fee increase, and the June 28 notice didn’t indicate that this was the 2nd or 3rd or final reminder, I assumed that it was the only notice sent out by WAA. I was not too happy about the short notice. I wish I could have more than two days of advance notice to register. As someone who is not shy of making comments and giving feedback, I sent a quick reply email to WAA without much thought: “You didn’t give us much time to register before the fee increase.Basically only two days of advance notice. Sorry I was out of town and missed it.” After I hit the send key, I felt uneasy. I wish I had not sent it or at least said it in a nicer way, not so accusatory. The next day I got the response from WAA: “There were six weeks to register, that email was the third notice sent.” Now I felt really embarrassed for making assumptions and unwarranted complaint. Just because I didn’t receive the previous notices didn’t mean that they didn’t exist. I shouldn’t have made the assumption and judgment so quickly. I had to apologize with a follow-up email. I wish this email exchange never happened. ButI learned a valuable lesson. Before I criticize or complain about anyone or anything, I need to check the facts, and not make assumptions based on my own observation and limited knowledge. Otherwise I will make a fool of myself.