101 Ways To Be A Better Person

If you are interested in becoming a better person, check out the Personal Excellence Blog by Celes and her post “How to be a better person: 101 ways.”   Celes is also starting a new  “Be a Better Me in 30 Days” (30BBM) August 2011 Challenge. Personal development is a life long pursuit. We should never stop working on ourselves,…
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The Magic Of Face To Face Conversation

Nowadays email has become such a popular communications tool in the office, we talk less and less with our coworkers face to face. More and more of our working time is spent on emails. We constantly write emails and respond to emails. We even email people who sit right next to us and can easily talk to. We can sit all day in…
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Raising Sons

In the same book I talked about yesterday, “Selected Studies from Proverbs” by Charles Swindoll of the Insight for Living Ministry, there is also chapter on “You and Your Son.” Charles Swindoll describes 5 areas of teaching that are essential if our sons are to grow up to be honorable men of God. Here is a summary of the…
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Raising Daughters

Raising kids is hard work. Some parents say it’s easier to raise boys than girls, or vice verse. For me, my daughter was easier when she was little. Unlike my son who cried a lot as a baby and always wanted to be held, my daughter was happy and content. She didn’t cry when she was put to sleep or woke up like…
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System Glitch Causes Display Problems

Dear Readers, Lately due to a system glitch, this blog has experienced problems with correctly displaying the contents. I have notified Forum Communications – the company who owns the website Areavoices.com. Hopefully the problems will be fixed soon. Thanks for your patience.