Today Is The Day –

that many people dread – the last day to file tax returns.

Like many procrastinators, I waited till the last day to finally finish everything.

After I dropped off my tax return in the mail box, I felt relieved. like a burden was lifted from my shoulder.

As I talked about in the previous posts A burden lifted – procrastination and procrastination, I know in my rational mind that it’s better not to procrastinate and do it early, but I couldn’t make myself motivated to act. I don’t enjoy doing it. Lack of desire is one of the main reasons that people procrastinate.

Many people have accountants do their taxes. I have always done taxes myself except once. I hired an accountant to do my tax many years ago. I didn’t think he did a good job, so I never hired anyone else again and have done it myself since. I like to take financial matters into my own hand and know how and what to do.   

Today I was reading my Sunday newspapers. There was an article by Kara McGuire: Plan now for fewer tax-time tears in Star Tribune (4/17/2011). I agree with her, filing taxes is much easier if you don’t wait to get organized. I do some of the things she recommended.

The most simple and helpful tip is to keep a folder where you save all tax related documents accumulated over the year. When tax time arrives, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for those documents.

I am glad the deadline is behind me now.