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Since I received the following information from two separate sources in my email today, I thought it’s important enough to pass it on and share with others.

The Minnesota State Arts Board is conducting a census in order to find out how many Minnesotans are involved in the arts! All individuals and organizations that engage in, support, or facilitate creative expression in Minnesota are invited to BE COUNTED!

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. The survey should take no more than three to five minutes to complete.  

Make sure you are counted! And also pass it on to your fellow musicians, writers, artists, etc.  

For more information, keep reading the following, or Click Here.     

What is the MN Arts Count?

 The MN Arts Count is a census for individuals who engage in creative expression and for businesses, facilities, and organizations that promote and support creative expression. 

From backyard painters to professional musicians—and everyone in between—all Minnesota artists need to be counted. 

As part of dedicating funding to the arts from Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment, the state legislature has called for the Minnesota State Arts Board to conduct a census of artists and artistic organizations. 

Who should participate in the MN Arts Count?

Individuals: Anyone who, professionally or personally, likes to sing, act, dance, write, draw, paint, sculpt, illustrate, photograph, film, knit, weave, direct, play an instrument, compose, share stories, design, or any other form of creative expression. 

Organizations: Any business, facility, agency, or organization that promotes or supports creative expression. 

Why should I participate?

 For the arts to count for something in Minnesota, we need to count the individuals and businesses, agencies, and organizations who participate in and support all forms of creative expression. 

By particpating in the MN Arts Count, individuals and organizations can help demonstrate the many ways Minnesotans participate in the arts and the importance of supporting the arts. 

How can I participate?

It’s easy! On-line: go to and complete the census

The MN Arts Count survey will conclude April 30, 2011. 

Act today. If you are lucky, you might win a a gift card.


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  1. la vie, c'est dur

    what is the point of this survey? public support for what you call “creative expression”? if that’s the bottom line, then i say that government has many better ways to spend its money than supporting backyard painters, etc. not that creative expression (by the way a very loose, flexible term that could be stretched to include most anything) is not important: in my view, it’s not something that should be publically subsidized, especially given current government budget shortfalls and a struggling economy.

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