A Published Poet

[I am writing this post at midnight on April, 1. This is not a April Fool’s joke :-)]

Today my son received his copy of “A Celebration of Poets” (Fall 2010), published by Creative Communication. He had his first poem published in that collection.

When I said to my son: “Andy, you are a published poet now.” He didn’t seem to be as excited and proud as I was. 

Last September my son and daughter each entered a poem to the poetry contest by Creative Communication. To my surprise my son’s poem was accepted for publication, but not my daughter’s poem. I thought my daughter’s poem is a great one. 

Later I found out why. The reason of rejection was she used the word suicide in her poem. There are certain words they don’t want to have in all the poems they accept, suicide being one of them. It doesn’t matter that my daughter used the word in a funny way.

I was disappointed as well as my daughter, but I could understand the reason behind. I thought the editor was very responsible and responsive.

Here are my son’s published poem and my daughter’s unpublished poem, well both are published here now 🙂  to kick off the “April is National Poetry Month!”


 by Andy, 12
Green is grass, plants and trees
Green is the taste of mints
Green smells like parsleys and limes
Green is the sound of breeziness and quietness
Green is calm, bright and energetic 
Green is money
Green is growing and prospering
Green makes me feel happy
Green is the nature outside
Green is everywhere …

The opposite

by Amy, 11
I am Sally Sue, and I will do
The exact opposite of what you tell me to.
If you say sit, I will stand.
Tell me orchestra, I will join band.
If anyone tells me to go to bed,
I will be lying there wide awake instead.
Tell me to walk, and I will run.
Give me chores, I will have some fun.
If anyone tells me to flee,
Standing right there I will be.
Because I do the exact opposite as you can see.
If you get sick of me, tell me to live.
And I will die, just by committing suicide.
Time to write some more poems.

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