Reading Rivalry and AT competitions

I went to my daughter’s 5th grader Reading Rivalry Competition at Middleton Elementary School today. It’s an annual event. Last year Amy participated and her team got the 3rd place.

This year, her team did better and won the first place. She was very happy about it.

This morning right before school, she was still re-reading one of the 12 books each team had to read for the competition.

Reading Rivalry Competition is a readingprogram that encourages kids to read. Amy loves to read and doesn’t need any outside motivation or incentives for reading. But the competition was still a great motivation for her to read with a clear purpose and goal. She read all 12 books  (and reread some of them) which was not required for individual participant, but she did it. So she could help answer all questions.

Later after school my son had Academic Triathlon regional meet at Woodbury Middle School. His team got the 3rd place in the group and didn’t make it to the state meet.

I like my kids to participate in all kinds of school activities. Whatever programs their schools offer, I encourage them to participate – Math League, Math Masters, Academic Triathlon, Geo Bee, Spelling Bee, etc. But they only want to participate in some of the programs they think they are good at.  For me, they all provide good learning opportunities.

I love to see my kids participating in school programs and actively doing something, instead of watching TV or playing games. I am sorry to see the programs come to an end, but on the other hand, there is also a relief that it’s over and I don’t need to pick them up from school or drive them somewhere any more.

Thanks to all parent volunteers who have given themselves generously and coached the teams. Without you, these programs won’t be possible.


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