Social Networking Tools – A Blessing In Times Of Need

Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are wonderful and powerful tools for keeping people connected in their personal and professional lives. But I didn’t realize that social networking tools can be such a blessing in times of need until recently.

When my pastor at Spirit of Life Bible Church, Frank Sanders, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last month, his family created a CaringBridge site to help keep family and friends informed about Frank’s treatment.

In the last 40 days since the CaringBridge site was created, there were 37 journal entries from his family to update on his status, 590 guestbook entries from friends around the country to share their prayers, support and encouragement, and about 10,500 visits from family and friends to the site.

What an amazing tool the CaringBridge site is! It is a real blessing for everyone.

Without it, family and friends won’t be kept up to date so easily. Without it, Frank won’t hear from so many people and be so encouraged by so many prayers and kind words. Without it, his friends, many of them don’t know each other, won’t feel so touched by each other’s sharing.

The CaringBridge site has become a wonderful and powerful testimony to what a great man Pastor Frank is and how many lives he has touched.

Another website that has been very helpful for the family in this time of need is It simplifies the process of giving and receiving meals and makes meal scheduling easier.