Finding The Good In The Bad Weather

We are in the middle of another snowstorm in Minnesota.

Snow started falling quickly this Sunday morning and will end Monday afternoon. Much of the metro area could see between 12 and 15 inches of snow on the ground by the time the snow stops Monday afternoon, forecasters said.

If so, it would make this winter the second-snowiest to date in the Twin Cities, and push it into the top 10 snowiest entire winters.

The good thing is this snowstorm is happening on the weekend and on Monday -President’s Day that is a holiday for many people. All city, county, state and federal government offices, schools, post offices, libraries, financial market will be closed. The Monday commuting won’t be as bad as it could be if it were a normal working day.

If you look at the pictures below some of which show snow in Russia, you will feel fortunate that we don’t have it so bad here. It could be a lot worse than what we are getting. It’s all about perspective.

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  1. We really have to learn to see things as they are to keep us in peace and quiet whatever the condition that life and nature in place.

    Congratulations for the post


  2. This brings back memories of some bitterly cold business trips to the Twin Cities when the temperature did not get above -15 F. Y’all are a hardy bunch, that’s for sure!

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