Divine appointment

I experienced a divine appointment today. I don’t know what to call it otherwise. This is probably the first time in my life that I felt that way.

I went to my church – Spirit of Life Bible Church – to attend the marriage seminar with guest speaker Senior Pastor Al Gossan from Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church in Holland, Michigan.

When I walked in the Church, the seminar had just started. I went straight to the area where I normally sit every Sunday. Almost half of the people in attendance today were from other sister churches in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They came for this special event.

I took a seat next to a Hmong looking woman without any thought.

But after I sat down, I felt a sense of regret. I didn’t know this person sitting next to me. I wished I had took the seat in the next row and sat by someone I know from the Church and who is also a co-worker. We could have chatted during breaks about our workplace as we sometimes do.

But it was too late to change. So I sat there listening to the speakers and without saying a word to my neighbor.

After lunch we came back to continue the seminar. My neighbor, whose name is Sandie, took the initiative and introduced herself. We exchanged a few words. I felt a little embarrassed that I didn’t take the initiative to say “hi” to her first and to welcome her to our Church.

When the seminar ended, Sandie handed me a piece of paper with her name and contact info to keep in touch with each other. She said: “I have a story to tell you.”

Then she proceeded to share her testimony of how she was saved recently and how her husband was also saved and miraculously recovered from alcohol as the result of her prayer.

We stayed for quite a long time and talked.

Her words and story were something I needed to hear. She really lifted my spirit up. I felt encouraged.

I had the strong feeling that my meeting with Sandie and her husband was not a coincidence, but a divine appointment inspired and led by God.

In addition to experiencing the divine appointment, I also enjoyed the teachings by Pastor Al Gossan.

Later I read Pastor Al Gossan’s supernatural conversion testimony online. Reading about his life and conversion was also inspiring for me. 

I was glad that I went to the seminar and had a spirit-filled day.