Earthly Currency Vs. Heavenly Currency

I love listening to KTIS AM 900 Faith Radio. I listen to the station every day wherever I am and whenever I can – in the car or by the desk.

One of my favorite programs is Turning Point by Dr. David Jeremiah, founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church. He offers great messages. And his voice is pleasant to listen to.

Recently he did a series on the signs of life, based on his book with the same title. I liked it even though I only heard a little bit of it on the radio. So I got his book to read.

Here is something from the book that I would like to share.

Dr. David Jeremiah talks about the two currencies – the earthly currency and the heavenly currency in regard to wealth and money.

What we think of as money, the paper currency we all use, is nothing more than a man-made means of exchange. The pieces of paper have no real value, it’s the goods that have value. Money is the currency of this world and is temporal in nature.

The problem comes when we try to use temporal currency (money) as a medium of exchange in the eternal kingdom. As citizens of an eternal kingdom, we need an eternal currency. We use money to do business in the world’s temporal kingdom. It makes sense that we need an eternal currency to do business in an eternal kingdom.

The currencies in the kingdom of God are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. They are the fruit of the Holy Spirit. And they come only from God.

To do business in the world, we need money. To do business with God, we need a heart full of love, joy, peace … the fruit of the Holy Spirit. When we confuse currencies and try to purchase love, joy, and peace with money, when we seek eternal things with temporal means, we are bound to be disappointed and dissatisfied.

Money is amoral – neither good nor bad. It is not money that is the root of evil. It is the love of money, as the Bible says.

I like the terms Dr. Jeremiah used – the earthly currency and the heavenly currency. Now I will think of money and the fruit of the Spirit in a new way.

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