Suzanne’s Online PJ Party

If you have any interesting pajama stories to share or are interested in reading others’ PJ stories, you might want to check out Suzanne’s Online PJ Party.

I receive a daily email from Suzanne’s Book Club that contains a  5-minute excerpt from a book. I don’t actually read that part, but I do enjoy reading Suzanne’s Dear Reader column included in each email.

Recently Suzanne organized an online pj party. The responses from the readers have been overwhelming. I joined the fun and submitted my entry, as I like to share my thoughts with others.

Here is what I wrote:


I didn’t grow up with pajamas and don’t wear ps now. I read the pj stories your readers shared with interest, and didn’t plan to write. But your last call for submission and the chance to win some cool gifts prompted me to share some thoughts.

I was born in the 1960’s and grew up in poverty in China. It was during the Chinese Cultural Revolution and life was extremely hard, worse than the Great Depression in the U.S. In those days, people mostly made their own clothes. My grandma and mother made everything for us kids, from underwear to winter coat, from hat to shoes. There was not much to buy in the store anyway.

Usually we wore hand me downs and clothes that had been mended again and again. Once a year during the Chinese New Year, we got some new clothes.

Since everything was handmade, we didn’t have many varieties and choices. We could and had to fit everything we had in small storage space. There were no such closets like we see today. We didn’t have pajamas just for use at bed time. We wore the same undergarment underneath during the day and then in bed at night. Everything served multiple purposes.

Nowadays, I can certainly afford buying pajamas, but I don’t need them. Being a green and resourceful person, I just use some old t-shirts in summer and old sweaters in winter if I am cold as my pj. I don’t see any need to buy something just for bedtime when I have plenty of clothes I can use. Who cares if I wear an old t-shirt or a fancy pj?

Some people said they buy a new pj every year. It’s a nice family tradition, but I question the necessity. Is this really necessary?

One thing is for sure, the more we buy, the more cluttered we are. Clutter has become a big issue for many people in our abundant society, We have so much more than we really need in life.

It’s fun reading with friends like you. Thanks for what you do every day.

Blessings, Qin

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