Day 13 – Cleanse Your Kitchen

I was busy in the last few days and got behind with doing the daily challenge task. Now I am doing catch up.

This is Day 13 of Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days Challenge.

Cleaning kitchen is an ongoing task for me.

Every day after dinner, I make sure that dishes are washed, counters, stove surface and sink are wiped clean. 

I clean my fridge whenever is needed, usually when I notice some spills or stains. 

In terms of clutter, I know I have a lot of work to do. I have junk drawers and stuff in pantry that need better organization.

Clutter is a problem I cannot seem to eliminate from my life. I love to keep stuff and reuse as much as possible.    

When I visit American homes, I often get the impression that they don’t cook at home much or at all. Their stoves look spotless and clean.

In my home, we cook Chinese food every day which can get messy and greasy. I keep the kitchen as clean as possible. I know my kitchen will never be as clean and tidy as many American kitchens are. But that’s OK for me. I am not a perfectionist. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I would rather doing something else than trying to keep my house spotless and in perfect condition.

I don’t buy much unhealthy food in the first place. The groceries I buy every week are mostly veggies and fruit. So there is not much unhealthy food in the house. But since I am not the only one doing grocery shopping, it’s unavoidable we will have some unhealthy snacks that my kids love to eat.

The following is from the 21DHL Forum.


Day 13 – Cleanse Your Kitchen

[Image: cleanse.jpg]

Today’s task is to cleanse your kitchen! That includes:

  • Purging unhealthy food
  • Removing clutter (30DLBL Day 11)
  • Cleaning your kitchen
  • Cleaning your fridge
  • Stocking up on healthy food
  • etc

That’s because our environment plays an important role in the success of our goals. Having a positive environment that supports healthy living will no doubt support us in our journey to live a healthy life.

Below is an example of what I did when I first switched from an omnivore diet to a vegetarian diet:

Article: Using Your Environment to Achieve Your Goals Wrote:…. If you only planned to accomplish the 21 day program through sheer motivation, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were unable to nail down the habit in those 21 days. Relying on the initial burst of motivation can only get you so far. You need to use that spike in the beginning to create the environment to ensure your success.

For example, when I wanted to try out being a vegetarian 2 years ago, I spent a few days setting up an environment that is conducive for my goals.

  • I went to buy a blender, so I could easily make my own fruit smoothies.
  • I went to the supermarket and stocked up on vegetarian food so I would have a constant food supply at home.
  • I did up a goal sheet for my vegetarian goal, writing out my motivations for trying out the vegetarian diet and plastering the sheet with pictures of nice, appetizing vegetarian food.
  • I set my desktop wallpaper with a picture of a whole variety of juicy, fresh fruits.
  • I told the people around me that I was going to try out vegetarianism for the next 1 month, so they would be walking reminders of my goal.
  • I joined vegetarian online communities to acquaint with like-minded folks.
  • I placed bookmarks of vegetarian sites in my browser.

All these were done so I would be able to stick to a vegetarian diet for the entire month. And because I created the right, conducive environment to achieve my goals, I was able to hit my goal, surprisingly easy. And I never looked back ever since.

Let’s do a kitchen cleanse today! And feel free to share before/after pictures when you’re done!