10+ life lessons I have learned

[The topic for this post was chosen for a reason. Since this is my 400th post on this blog. I decided to put a little bit more time and thoughts into it and have it posted on 1/11/11.]

Life is a journey. On this journey we learn many lessons. It’s a great idea for each of us to take a moment and reflect on what we have learned. We have learned a lot and we have a lot to share with each other. We still have a lot to learn. Sharing what we have learned so far and learning from others help us grow and live a better live.

I rarely read a book twice. One book I did read twice several years ago was Hal Urban’s “Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things that Matter.” I just love to read life lessons others have learned and to share.

Recently after reading 22 Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier In My Life by Abubakar Jamil and some other posts in his Life Lessons Series, I thought about some lessons I learned on my life’s journey. I was inspired to write this post.

Here are 10+ life lessons I have learned or I am still learning.  

  • Knowledge does not worth much if I just keep it in my mind and don’t put it in my action and apply it to my life. Doing is definitely a lot harder than knowing.
  • I am a spirit with a soul who is having a human experience. What I can see is temporary, but what I cannot see is eternal and more important.
  • We don’t need a lot in life. We don’t have to be perfectly made or perfectly looking. What we really need in life is to have a heart of contentment and gratitude, to know that we are wonderfully made and to find the purpose God has for us. Read Being content.
  • Life is more than success. Finding meaning in life is a life long learning and searching process.
  • Life is a balancing act. Finding balance in mind, body and spirit is vitally important to live a life of health and well-being.
  • If I pay attention and be mindful, I can learn important lessons in all circumstances, in successes or failures, or in simple daily activities such as gardening. Read Lessons, garden style.
  • Ask and you shall receive. I have done some fundraising in the last few years. I am often surprised by how easy it is to get what I ask for if I just take the time and have the courage to ask. 
  • Each of us speaks a certain language in order to understand and be understood. Each of us also has a love language. Learning the five love language is important in order to love and be loved the best we can.
  • There is power in the written word. Take the time to write a letter or note to express your gratitude, best wishes, regrets, forgiveness, etc.
  • Don’t blindly trust any doctor or financial advisor. Only you have your best interest in mind.
  • Everyone is normal till you get to know them. The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.
  • and more

More good news for Woodbury

Today I heard some more good news for Woodbury as one of the best places to live.

Walletpop.com listed Woodbury as No. 5 on its list of  10 Best Places to Buy a Home in 2011. It called Woodbury the best place to raise kids among its top-10 list unveiled Dec. 31, 2010. 

Last year Woodbury made it into Business Week’s 2010 Best Places to Raise Your Kids list.

Last year Woodbury was also selected by Money Magazine as one of the 100 best places to live in America. Woodbury ranked no. 13 on a list of 100 of America’s Best Small Cities.   

No wonder Woodbury is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.