Day 7 – Review & Plan for Week 2

This is Day 7 of Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days Challenge. If you would like to participate, please sign up here.

I think I did OK in the first week of the 21DHL Challenge.

  • Diet – Tried to eat more raw food. Ate mostly as usual, and added more raw veggies.
  • Fitness – Tried to exercise more. Walked stairs, added two more rounds, but some days I was busy and didn’t have time to do it. 
  • Lifestyle – Tried to sleep more. I used to go to bed at 1 am or later. In the last week I went to bed at midnight on most nights.  

The following is from the 21DHL Forum.


Day 7 – Review & Plan for Week 2!

While our challenge is set for 21 days, healthy living is for life. It’s about creating this healthy lifestyle that will sustain itself in the long term, no matter what happens. 21DHL is meant as a trigger to help you jumpstart your healthy living goals, via a combined platform where different individuals all around the world get together to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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Some people might face the problem where they face success with a renewed lifestyle for 1-2 days, then revert back to their old habits and behaviors after that. That’s because they see it as a short-term goal rather than a lifelong journey.

It’s normal to have disruptions in our diet, exercise and lifestyle goals. If you feel you have “fallen” off the wagon in the past few days, I want to let you know that it doesn’t matter. If you haven’t been able to catch up on some of the tasks, I want to let you know that it doesn’t matter either. Beating yourself up isn’t going to help you live a healthier life. The question isn’t about whether you met the target for the day or not. The question is whether you have learned from what happened so that you’ll get better at doing it. The question is whether you know what are the key actions to take to succeed in your plan moving forward.

So today, we’re going to review our past week of 21DHL and plan for week 2 ahead!

Step 1 – Fall in line with the 21DHL Tasks

Review our first 6 tasks for 21DHL. If there are any tasks you haven’t done yet, today’s the best time to catch up on them!

Step 2 – Review Your Past Week

Review your past week with the 21DHL challenge. Think about your experiences with your 21-day action plan, your intentions when you embarked on 21DHL and your status right now.

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your health and fitness for the past week (including your diet, fitness and lifestyle goals)? Why?
  2. Were there any times where you fell off track in your healthy lifestyle goals?
    1. Diet
    2. Fitness
    3. Lifestyle (Waking/Sleeping times, Other habits like meditation)
  3. If so, what happened during those times that took you off track? What can you learn from the incidences?
  4. What can you do differently moving forward in living an even healthier life?

Step 3 – Set Your Week 2 Action Plan for 21DHL!

As we move into Week 2 of 21DHL (of 3 weeks), what are your key goals for the next week? Review your 21-Day Action Plan and add on/revise your tasks/goals for week 2 where needed. If your goals are the same, you can stick with what you’ve written.

Then, write down your key action steps that will enable you to accomplish all your week 2 targets. What are you going to do in preparation for Week 2 ahead? How can you make Week 2 even better than Week 1? :dance::dance:

Here are some of my action steps to create a successful Week 2 ahead:

  • Research on raw recipes
  • Work out a range of ideal meal plans for different weeks, so I can pick out whichever meal plan I want for the week
  • Go grocery shopping and expand my vegetables/fruit selection so I have even more variety
  • Stick to my exercise timings – Finish work on time so they don’t overrun into my exercise sessions.

How to stop eating after dinner

I mentioned in my ideal meal plan about eating nothing after dinner.

A reader asked: “Tell me, on not eating after dinner…are you simply satisfied or do you need to make a conscious decision every evening not to eat? I find evenings my hardest time of day to refrain from eating mindlessly, and I would love to know how you accomplish that. Thanks!”

After dinner around 5:30-6:00 pm, I usually don’t eat any more. I am just not hungry as I sit most of the time. Sometimes if there is leftover fruit I prepared for my kids, I will finish that, but nothing really sweet, like cake, cookies or ice cream.

The following ideas might help people stop eating after dinner:

  • Brush your teeth as soon as you finish dinner.
  • Don’t have the snacks in front of you or in the house to attempt you.
  • Keep yourself busy. People tend to eat when they get bored.  Instead of eating, go for a walk, read, or just do something you like that consumes your attention and energy to keep your mind occupied and off from food. If you watch TV aimlessly and mindlessly, you are more likely to eat snacks mindlessly at the same time. I am usually busy with kids or reading or blogging in the evening that I don’t have time to eat mindlessly.
  • Don’t mistake thirst for hunger. Instead of grabbing a snack, grab a water bottle. Drinking water might just help to curb your appetite a bit.
  • Chew sugar free gum.
  • If you do eat after dinner, at least have the healthy snack handy, such as fruit and raw veggies, and no junk food.

Have a full stomach when you go to bed is not a good and healthy thing. So remember:

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar!

Special deal on Pioneer Press

I subscribe to Woodbury Bulletin and Minneapolis Star Tribune (Sunday only). I always read the weekly Woodbury Bulletin from cover to cover, except the sports section, to get the local news. As for the Star Tribune, I do look through the Sunday ads, but I don’t read the whole paper, just some selected sections, because I don’t have time to read all. 

I had St. Paul Pioneer Press from time to time. I alternate between the two Twin Cities papers. Last summer I switched to Star Tribune. Since then I got marketing calls from Pioneer Press. I always said no. But last night when I got another call, I said yes, for two reasons.

One, it was a really good deal to which it’s hard to say no. For $0.25 a week or $13 a year, I get the Thursday, Friday and Sunday papers.  Two, my son likes the paper. He prefers Pioneer Press than Star Tribune. 

To get the special deal, I had to prepay the $13.00 for the 52 weeks. I put it on my credit card.

If anyone is interested in the deal, you can call A Market Resource at 651-255-5842.

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