Day 5 – Go Grocery Shopping

This is Day 5 of Live a Healthier Life in 21 Days Challenge. If you would like to participate, please sign up here.

I didn’t go grocery shopping today. I did it yesterday, without knowing about today’s task.

I do not use grocery shopping list when I shop, just as I do not use recipes when I cook.

I buy what I need and normally use. For that, I do not need a list.

I always read the Sunday ads from the grocery stores and see what’s on sale for veggies and fruits. Then I bring the paper with me to remind me of buying those items on sale.   

I usually do grocery shopping on Fridays or weekends. But since last week was no school days and holidays, we were home and ate more. We were running low on veggies and fruits. So yesterday I went shopping. I bought oranges, tangerines, celery, asparagus, cauliflower, baby carrots, bags of frozen corn. At the checkout, the cashier made the comment: “You have loaded up with veggies today.”

That’s what I normally do when I go grocery shopping.

BTW, one thing I really liked about living in China, as I did last summer, was the neighborhood farmer’s markets. They are open all year round. They are both indoor and outdoor. They are right there where people live. My parents only need to walk about 3 minutes to reach the neighborhood farmer’s market and a grocery store.  

In China, when they build residential areas, apartment buildings or houses, they always include farmer’s markets, grocery stores, resaurants, schools and other services in the neighborhood. So you can take care of your basic needs within walking distance. I think that’s great.


The following is from the 21DHL Forum.


Day 5 – Go Grocery Shopping!

Today is Day 5, and we’re going grocery shopping!! :dance:

[Image: grocery-shopping.jpg]

Yesterday we had a test run of our ideal meal plan. While some of us may have carried it out with good success, sustaining our ideal diets in the long run requires us to do some shopping and preparation.

After I began doing my grocery shopping and preparing my meals with the start of 21DHL, I’m experiencing the joys and benefits of the whole exercise. For one, I get to control everything that I eat. No more subjecting myself to sub-standard, low nutritional food in my house. Two, no more trying to search for restaurants/eateries for things that I want to eat. (For a while last year, I had to keep hunting for salad bars because the salads sold in normal restaurants are not all that great.) Three, it has made it SO easy to follow my ideal meal plan. While previously I easily go off track within the 1st, 2nd days of trying to maintain a healthy diet, right now I’m on Day 5 and going stronger and ever. Absolutely enjoying my meals every minute of the day right now.

Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Write out your standard grocery list

Think about how your ideal meals are like (you can refer to Day 3 too). What food items do you need to purchase for these meals? Write them down.

For me, since my ideal meal is a raw vegan meal, my key food items can be categorized into 4 segments – Veg, Fruits, Dressings and Nuts.


Step 2: Highlight the items which you need to purchase today

Some of the food items may already be present in your house, while some may not. Highlight the items which you need to purchase.

For me, the key items which I need to stock up on today are:

– Button mushrooms
– Bean sprouts (they perish very quickly, so I need to replenish every 3 days or so)
– Lettuce (only have 1 lettuce head left for my salad later)

The rest are good as I just did my grocery shopping 2 days ago.

Update: I’m also going to buy a slicer to slice my carrots so that’s going into my list too :D

Step 3: Go shopping!

Today, take some time to shop at the grocery shop or the supermarket. If you’re working, drop by the supermarket during lunch or after work. Take this list with you as you do that, and get the items you’ve highlighted in Step 2! At the same time, keep your eyes open for any healthy food items, and get them if they complement your ideal healthy diet! (For example, I never thought of having bean sprouts in my ideal meal plan until I saw them at the supermarket during my grocery shopping this week! I realized that sprouts would be a great addition, hence bought them and am loving them in my salads nowadays!)