Keep Your Private Information Private

Do you know how much information you think is private is actually public and can easily be accessed by anyone on the Internet using a simple search of your name?

Check out and you might be surprised by what people can find out about you in a few seconds – your home address, your marital status, religion, hobbies, names of friends and family members, personal photos you have posted on the Web, a satellite image of your home, your estimated income, home value, credit score and age.

Spokeo.comis basically an online USA phone book with personal information. It is a search engine that aggregates information pertaining to individual names, email addresses, and phone numbers from online public sources such as phone books, government records, plus profile entries from websites like Facebook, MySpace,, LinkedIn, Flickr, and many others (the Spokeo site lists upwards of 50 potential data sources).

The website does provide a form whereby you can delete your individual listing.

To your individual listing, search for yourself on to find the URL of your page, then go to the bottom of the page and click on the Privacy button to remove yourself.

But keep in mind: simply removing your search results from doesn’t prevent anyone from accessing the same data by other means. It just makes it less convenient for others to find the information.

Check out the Wiki article for more information.