Thankful for …

After the big snowstorm on the last weekend and a few very cold days, I feel very thankful for –

– The city of Woodbury and Mn/DOT for doing a good job with snowplowing. The streets in my neighborhood and the highways were plowed. I was able to go to work on Monday. Some of my colleagues from St. Paul were not so lucky. They couldn’t get their cars out. Their streets weren’t plowed.

– The South Washington County schools to stay open. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul public school districts canceled classes for two days in the row in the aftermath of the snow storm.  Even St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman criticized public school officials for closing schools for a second day. Considering the factor that schools in the U.S. already have very short school year and school days, I really don’t want to see any additional no school days.

– My vehicle to be working in this cold weather condition. My van is 11 years old. I am concerned that it will quit working on me some day without advance notice. Every day that it transports me and my kids safely to work or to activities, I feel very thankful and blessed.

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