A Kind Neighbor

The big snowstorm that started on Friday night and stopped on Saturday night brought more than two feet of snow in front of my house.

My husband and I spent almost two hours shoveling snow this morning. It would have taken us longer, had we not got some help from our son and a nice neighbor.

We got to work right after breakfast.

The snow was so deep, I had to put a big trash bag over my boots and pants so my leg and feet won’t get wet.

When our neighbor Tracy saw us outside, she wanted to help us with her snow blower. She had already blowed her own driveway twice yesterday. The snow was cleared except the big pile that the city snowplower pushed into her driveway.

Well, it was so cold, her snow blower quit working. It won’t even start. So she had to use a shovel as well.

I was  fine with shoveling snow. I saw it as a good exercise. It got me outside and move.

After a while, I got so warmed up, I started to sweat. It felt good.

We worked our way from garage toward the street. We were done shoveling with most of the driveway and sidewalk, except the end of the driveway close to the street. We were facing the pile of snow that the street snowplow pushed to the driveway.

That’s when Tracy informed us that she had contacted a snowplower to come and help clear her driveway and ours. She said: “Wait, don’t try, you could get a heart attack.”

A few minutes later, a snowplow truck came. It took the snowplow only a few minutes and a few pushes to finish the job.

We would be fine doing the work ourselves. I don’t think heart attack would happen to me. I am still fit, have no pain or ache anywhere after this morning’s work, but I definitely appreciate my neighbor’s thoughtfulness and kindness. I felt she called in the snowplower mostly to help us instead of herself, because she had already finished shoveling her driveway. There was already a clear path for a car to go through. The snowplower just made her path wider, but helped us more by creating a path.

What a nice neighbor! Tracy’s husband and son were in Wisconsin for a swimming meet and couldn’t get back home, because the road was closed. She was home alone and was helping us. “My husband would have helped you, but he is not home.”

I really like this family. Too bad they are the renters, not the owners of the house and will not stay as my neighbor for long. 

I wish everyone is and has a kind neighbor like Tracy and her husband David.

I posted more photos on my Facebook account.