What do you do?

As someone who likes to write and blog, I also enjoy reading other people’s blogs. Often times reading one blog can lead to another blog and then another.

It’s interesting to discover new blogs, find people who share some common interests, and read posts that gave you some food for thought.

Yesterday while browsing Scott Dinsmore’s blog Reading For Your Success, his latest post on conversation starter – “What do you do for work?” – got me think about it for a while.

Yes, when we ask people we meet for the first time: “What do you do?” we are most interested in knowing what they do for living – their job titles and their positions. But we are so much more than what we do for work.  

If you really want to know someone, the better question to ask is: “What do you do for enjoyment?” You can’t know someone well unless you know his real passion and enjoyment.

Unfortunately, what a lot of people do for living and for enjoyment are two different things. We work to make a living, and we do others things to enjoy the living.

The idea life is to do what you love to do the most, so what you do for living and for enjoyment is the one and the same. When you do what you are most passionate about and enjoy your work to the fullest, work becomes fun and enjoyable. Then you are living your bliss.

So yesterday I thought about the two questions and my responses.

What do I do for work?

I am a librarian. I work at the Mn/DOT Library. Yes, I love to read and I love libraries, but honestly, dealing with technical reports and working on the technical aspects of the library is not my real passion. 

What do I do for enjoyment?

I enjoy reading, learning, writing, and blogging. That’s what I spend most of my free time at home for.

I also have a passion for personal growth, spirituality, healthy, green, simple, frugal, mindful and soulful living. Whatever I read, write and do, these are the subjects I am most interested in. 

The good thing about my current job is I can incorporate some of my passions into my work by doing special projects.

For this year, I got to interview senior managers in the organization, talk about books with them, write interview articles, help lead book discussions. It was just the most enjoyable thing I did for work.

I also help plan and organize brown bag learning events and other health & wellness related events. I enjoy doing that as well.

I know my work and life is not perfect, but I don’t have much to complain.

Now ask yourself the same two questions. If what you do for work and enjoyment are two separate things, move toward the goal of making work and enjoyment the same thing or as close as possible.