My Christmas wish list

My Christmas wish list is very short, and best of all, it doesn’t change from year to year. 
Ever since my kids were little, I have told them many times that I do not want them to buy me any presents for holidays or birthdays. If they want to give me something for any reason, write me a poem or letter, or make something for me. That means more to me than stuff they can buy at stores. 
The following three poems were written by my son and daughter for me for last Christmas. I am looking forward to receiving new poems this year.
 By now, they know my wish list well.

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is
A house full of joy
Some happiness and love
And maybe one little toy.

 All I want for Christmas is
A lot of friends
And a loving kind family
That will be with you till it ends.




The tree is up
The ornaments are there
The presents are coming
Christmas is here.





He slides down the chimneys

And gives presents to every girl and boy

But you never know because it might be coal

Or maybe a bunch of toys.


It might be a book

for you to read

Or maybe a bike

That was in your need.


So you better be good

If you want something

Because if you don’t

Coal is all Santa will bring.