A Poem A Day

My 10 year old daughter Amy is very good at writing poems. That’s true, at least in this mom’s mind.

I think I am not exaggerating. She actually won the 1st place for her poetry collection at the Minnesota State Fair two years in the row, in 2009 and again this year,

Each time we selected 100 poems out of her 300-400 poems written during the year and made it into a poetry collection for the Minnesota State Fair contest.

The amazing thing about Amy is she can write poems really fast. It hardly take her any time to think. If she wants to, she can come up with a short poem in a minute or two.

But the problem is she doesn’t always want to write poems. She would rather read books.

For several months since this summer Amy didn’t write poems. I got concerned. I really wanted her to continue writing and practicing the art.

So at the beginning of last month in November, I made a suggestion to Amy. I asked her to write a poem every day and email it to me. She loves checking her email and thought it was a good idea.

The next day, she started sending me her poem via email, one every day.

It has been fun to receive her poem every day. It’s a daily ritual now between us.

We also created a blog for her to keep her poems. She just wanted to keep the blog private for herself. Hope some day she will feel comfortable to share it with others.

I want to share one poem she wrote last week that I thought was quite hilarious and funny. It made me laugh.

Santa Claus
by Amy Guo
On Christmas Eve
I saw a dude
Come into my house
And steal my food.
My mom put it on the table
I really don’t know why
But that fat guy stole it
And food costs money to buy.
He came down our chimney
And went back up that way
Next time he comes
He’s going to have to pay!