Why Do I Blog?

Today while reading a blog post by Abubakar Jamil on why he wanted to blog, I asked myself the same question – why do I want to blog? 

Before I answer that question, let me share why I get started blogging in the first place. 

On March 29, 2008, I created my first blog “On My Mind.”

At that time, I was writing a weekly column with the same title for my local newspaper Woodbury Bulletin. My column were freely available on its website for about two weeks after publication. After that they were archived and available only for a fee. 

The main reason I started my first blog was to have easy and free access to my own articles. I saw the blog as a convenient place where I could deposit my articles and retreive them anytime and anywhere I wanted. Therefore, I used that blog exclusively to post my columns, except for two posts in November 2009 where I shared the exciting news of my daughter who participated for the first time in the Minnesota State Fair and won first places for her poetry and drawings. 

So I started my first blog mostly for a selfish reason. And I didn’t tell people about my blog.   

In November 2009, after bouncing some ideas with the new Woodbury Bulletin editor Hank Long about starting some new writing for the paper, he suggested that I write a blog to be one of the voices in the local community and have it posted on the Woodbury Bulletin’s website. I liked the idea.

Soon we met in his office to set up my new blog account at areavoices.com. I created a simple profile and gave the blog the same title as my newspaper column and my first blog – On My Mind. I just love that title and the freedom to write whatever is on my mind.

The next day I started blogging and wrote my inaugural Post.

I haven’t stopped since. 

Unlike my first blog, this blog got started with a different purpose and reason. 

Now I love blogging and do it almost every day. 

Now here are my reasons why I blog and keep doing it every day: 

  • to share what’s on my mind, what I know and have learned
  • to express myself
  • to inform and inspire others
  • to connect with like-minded people
  • to hear and be heard
  • to learn from others
  • to grow through writing, reflection and learning from others
  • to journal my day and my life events
  • to preserve memory for my children
  • to practice writing
  • to cultivate creativity

I love writing. I think a lot of bloggers are writers who are lovers of words. We love to express, to share, to learn, to make friends with like-minded people whom we won’t meet otherwise, to grow together on this journey of life.

What are your reasons to blog or read blogs? Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

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