Winter Squash -my Favorite Food

When it comes to fruit and vegetables, there is hardly anything I don’t like. However, I do have some favorites.

This time of the year, in the fall, my favorite food is winter squash.

Winter squash come in all kinds of varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes. My favorite kinds include buttercup, butternut and acorn.

I have a vegetable garden, but my garden doesn’t produce enough for my family. Almost every week from June to November, I also shop at the Farmer’s Market to buy more vegetables.

When winter squash becomes available on the market in the fall, I start to buy them every week and eat them several times a week, almost every day. I buy extras to store for the winter.  Because they keep well in a cool dry spot, they are an ideal food to store over the winter months. The darker and thicker the skin of the squash, the longer they last.

Every fall, I probably buy 40 to 50 winter squash. I consume the majority. My kids don’t like any.

Winter squash are an ideal addition to a healthy diet. Research showed they have a protective effect against cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

I either cook or bake winter squash. That part is pretty easy. The hard part is the preparation – peeling and cutting them.  Sometimes I buy them already cut in a bag at St. Paul Farmer’s Market. 

Today I baked 5 squash and froze them in small bags. They are my convenient lunch in the coming months.