Magic words work wonders

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the importance of saying the two magic words “Thank You” in our every day life.  Say “Thank You” to everyone who was kind to you, helped you, touched you in any way. It can work wonders.

Yesterday Caroline Lehman and Karen R. Hollingsworth from the EIGHT-HANDS Collaborative came to Mn/DOT and did a brown bag presentation for our employees (see my post from yesterday). They were so grateful  for the opportunity to present, they expressed their sincere Thank You before, during and after the presentation, orally and in writing.  

My colleagues and I were touched by their positive energy and warm heartedness. I told my colleague who helped set up equipments for the presentation: “Don’t you feel that they were so positive and appreciative that you want to do more with/for them? They are just great people to work with.”

She responded: “ABSOLUTELY!  Anything I can do to help let me know.”

My virtual friendship with Caroline Lehman started with a simple “Thank You” when she sent the following email to me in March 2007:

“Dear Qin: Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and insightful articles in the Woodbury Bulletin.  I truly look forward to reading your thoughts each week…..they always give me something wonderful to think about.  Today’s article was no exception …”

I loved hearing from readers of my newspaper columns and getting comments and feedback. Caroline’s “Thank You” note brought us together in a magic way. We won’t have known each other otherwise even though we both live in the same town, and not too far away.

Caroline’s interest and passion in Chinese ancient art Feng shui inspired me to write several articles on this topic, including an article about her.

When I started volunteering for the planning and coordinating of the brown bag learning series at Mn/DOT, I naturally thought about Caroline and what she has to offer. I invited her and her business partners to come and present at Mn/DOT.

They came once at the beginning of this year. They were great. They came back for the second time a month or two later. Yesterday was their third presentation.

Every time, they talk about a different topic.

Every time, they express their sincere Thank You for the opportunity to present. 

Every time, they make us feel very appreciated. And we make them feel welcomed and appreciated too. We truly appreciate them for what they do for us. They give us so much more than they can get back from us.

And ever time, we want to have them back again.

Yes, they will be back again in a few months. Three more presentations have already been scheduled for the next few months.

Every time, we look forward to their coming and sharing.

It has been a wonderful journey together. It all started with a simple “Thank You” – a “Thank You” to a total stranger. 

These two words are magic. They can work wonders in your life. Use them as much as you can every day!

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