10th Anniversary With Mn/DOT

Time surely flies by fast.  It’s been 10 years since I have worked at Mn/DOT Library.

When I moved from Chicago, Illinois to St. Paul, Minnesota in summer 1999, I was pregnant with my second child. Therefore I stayed home. My daughter was born in December.

At that time, my parents were here from China to help take care of the baby. After my daughter’s birth, they urged me to get a job and go back to work. I had been staying at home long enough, too long in their mind. You know, in China, most women work outside of home. It’s rare for young women, especially educated women, to stay home and take care of kids.

“You are wasting your college education and your life if you stay home to raise kids.” That is a comment you would get in China.  

I liked to get a job and work too.

Three months after my daughter’s birth, I found a job. I started working at Minitex located at University of Minnesota, as a contract cataloger for Mn/DOT Library. Two months later I was hired by Mn/DOT as a permanent employee. And I have been there ever since.

Today, my supervisor Sheila invited our office to celebrate my 10th anniversary with the state. She brought treats and shared nice comments.

Thank you Sheila for making this a special day for me.


I was presented with an anniversary gift by my supervisor Sheila. A celebration is not complete without gift, and …


some good photos like this one, here with my boss’s boss’s boss Nick,


some good laugh, 

and some junk food, because …

 everyone loves donuts, Judy too.