Conquer closet chaos

Today I attended a presentation by Karen R. Hollingsworth and Caroline Lehman from the EIGHT-HANDS Collaborative on how to conquer the closet chaos and bring harmony to your closet and life. It was great. Below is the information from the handout.

What are Your Clothes Saying “TO” You?

No, we don’t mean …

“What are your clothes saying “ABOUT” you. 

Because it is your wardrobe’s “home,” the physical state of your closet is reflected in your own well being. 

To keep CHAOS out of your life, conquer it in your closet! 

The health of your closet is determined by…

  • the quality of its contents
  • your attitude towards those contents
  • your interactions with them 

Clothes are living beings, alive with CHI, vibrationally attached to everyone and everything with which they have come into contact. You must be aware of what’s in your closet and how you arrange it in order to optimize its impact on your life. 

Your wardrobe should be in ideal condition, if you expect your life to be! 



Also known as the “UGH Factor”, these are the clothes that you dread seeing. They are the wrong color, wrong shape, don’t fit, aren’t your “style”… are just plain depressing. Perhaps you haven’t even worn them in more than a year! Your clothes must be aligned with your personal energy and your life intentions. Clothes that empower you make you feel fabulous! Ask : Does it lift my energy or does my energy drop when I think about it, look at it, or put it on? 

If it doesn’t pass the test, it’s time to let it go! 


Do you have clothes that you keep “just in case”? You save everything because you might need it someday, even if it no longer fits or reflects who you are right NOW. At the heart of this is a fear that somehow you won’t have what you need when you really need it. Abundance thinking belongs in your closet too. So, clear unworn or excess clothes in small segments. 

Affirm that it is safe to let go, and then trust the process of life to bring you what you need. 


This closet has an astronomical problem…clothing keep coming in, but nothing ever leaves. The denser and darker the closet becomes, the harder it is to let anything go! The darkness spills out into your life. The more clothes you have, the more your energy is tied up in mundane matters. You feel as dark and tangled as your closet looks! Avoid “belongings buildup.” When new items come into your closet, old ones go out. 

Your energy will flow. AND you won’t be sucked into the Black Hole that used to be your closet! It is just that simple!


This closet is filled with the clothes of your very cool past … who you were, where you went, what you loved when you were hip, and why you think people should still dig you. You know who you are!!! These items have a powerful way of tying you to your past. They are fabric anchors that keep you from moving on in your life. Take a good look at what you are keeping, and if there are any “autobiographical” items in there, let them go. 

Keep your wardrobe in the NOW! 

5. CSI (or The Crime Scene Investigation) 

Filled with items that have lingered past their expiration date, this closet is, in effect, full of dead energy. Clothes, like food, lose chi when they are past their “use by” date. Whether they are worn out, in disrepair, ill-fitting or irrelevant to you and your goals, they are NOT healthy for your life. If your clothes do not fit, flatter, fulfill, function for your current lifestyle, or fortify you to realize your dreams it’s time to donate to someone whose life is more in alignment with their energies. 

Remember this: Stale clothes reflect, and create, stale lives! 


Why is it so difficult to say, “NO, thank you”? You probably still have the granny-square vest that your Aunt Olga crocheted for you in1971! In fact, you have every gift from every person in your life because you wouldn’t dream of letting it go. If you do not love and wear the items of clothing you are not fully honoring the giver. Rather than spin endlessly in this energy drain, consider returning or exchanging undesirable or unbearable gifts. Explain your intention to replace it with something more be fitting to your physique or style. 

Accept only hand-me-downs that mirror your energies and honor your good taste. 


Is your closet filled with unworn “fabulous deals” that were too good to pass up at the time? Just think of the hundreds of dollars spent mindlessly every year simply because of that red-lined price tag! There is one rule to remember here: when you think you can’t afford NOT to buy something, DON’T! Price alone should never be the deciding factor. Never compromise your power to choose clothing that truly honors YOU. 

Say good-bye to good buys that don’t align with your personal clothing criteria. 

8. The “Call of the Mall” ZOMBIE 

Why do you buy clothes? Often it is simply a habit, or something you enjoy doing with friends. It could be exacerbated by peer pressure, fueled by bargain prices, or driven by plain old boredom. Whatever the reason, it is always good to stop and consider this…how many clothes do you really need? The answer to that question might surprise you! A well thought out wardrobe plan can save you hours of mall-hopping and keep your savings account intact. Investing in focused, quality goods will attract focused, quality energy into your life!

So think about what you need, and break the cycle of mindless buying. 

9. LOST … without a Clue! 

If you are standing in front of your closet and you don’t recognize yourself in your clothing, it could be that your life has moved on and your wardrobe has not kept pace. Most wardrobe issues arise when people are in transition. But change indicates that CHI is flowing. As the circumstances of your life evolve, so should your personal style. Allow your appearance to go with the flow of your life by keeping your closet current with the times.

It’s time to get your wardrobe and your life on the same track!

10th anniversary with Mn/DOT

Time surely flies by fast.  It’s been 10 years since I have worked at Mn/DOT Library.

When I moved from Chicago, Illinois to St. Paul, Minnesota in summer 1999, I was pregnant with my second child. Therefore I stayed home. My daughter was born in December.

At that time, my parents were here from China to help take care of the baby. After my daughter’s birth, they urged me to get a job and go back to work. I had been staying at home long enough, too long in their mind. You know, in China, most women work outside of home. It’s rare for young women, especially educated women, to stay home and take care of kids.

“You are wasting your college education and your life if you stay home to raise kids.” That is a comment you would get in China.  

I liked to get a job and work too.

Three months after my daughter’s birth, I found a job. I started working at Minitex located at University of Minnesota, as a contract cataloger for Mn/DOT Library. Two months later I was hired by Mn/DOT as a permanent employee. And I have been there ever since.

Today, my supervisor Sheila invited our office to celebrate my 10th anniversary with the state. She brought treats and shared nice comments.

Thank you Sheila for making this a special day for me.


I was presented with an anniversary gift by my supervisor Sheila. A celebration is not complete without gift, and …


some good photos like this one, here with my boss’s boss’s boss Nick,


some good laugh, 

and some junk food, because …

 everyone loves donuts, Judy too.

Goodbye, Stuff

I loved reading the following post by miss minimalist and would like to share it here.

Dear Stuff,

I’m not sure how to break this to you…but the time has come for us to part ways. Sure, we have a long history, but we simply can’t go on pretending that we’re still happy together.

It seems that after all these years, our relationship has lost its spark. I recall the magic of when we first met: how your shiny newness caught my eye, how I vowed to have you at any price, how excited I was to bring you home.

It didn’t take long, however, for the novelty to wear away. Maybe it was the thrill of the hunt, but once you were mine, you no longer seemed quite so attractive. In fact, much of the time, you just seemed to be in the way.

What’s more, you never really lived up to your promises or expectations: owning you didn’t make me any smarter, happier, cooler, or sexier. Instead, our relationship drained my energy and my wallet. I’ve spent untold hours (and dollars) keeping you looking nice and in good repair, protecting you from theft, and moving you around when I’ve had to relocate.

To be honest, though, your presence in my living room, bedroom, kitchen, and closets is stifling me. I can’t help but wonder how you’ve expanded so much over the years. I’m getting tired of stepping over you, cleaning around you, and generally wondering what to do with you. I need some space, some serenity, some room to breathe.

Of course, you’re not entirely to blame; I was no angel, either. Though I kept a roof over your head, I never really lavished you with attention. I shoved you away in boxes and closets, sometimes neglected to maintain you, and all too often simply ignored you.

Therefore, I think you’ll also be better off without me. You’ll have a happier life with someone else—someone who wants you, needs you, and appreciates you for what you are. And don’t worry, I won’t be so cruel as to leave you out on the curb. I’ll post flattering photos of you on Craigslist, sing your praises on Freecycle, and contact charitable organizations to find you that special someone.

So I guess this is goodbye…Let’s part without regrets, and look on this as a new beginning. I already feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I’m ready to embark on a new life—unencumbered, footloose, and full of possibility!

Yours Truly,

Miss M.