Clean eating

I know quite a lot what healthy eating is, but had no clear idea what clean eating is until I went to a workshop about it today.

Clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state – eating whole and natural foods and staying away from the junk foods as much as possible.

For more info and further reading on the topic, visit

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Basically, clean eating is healthy eating.

Here is to clean eating and living a clean life!

Gone with the wind

I have four trees in the front yard. They were planted in spring 2001 after the house was built. 

I bought two trees from a local tree farm, a maple tree and a crab apple tree, and carried both small trees home in the back trunk of a small car.  

At the suggestion of a tree man, I watered the trees diligently, especially in the first few years after planting them. At least weekly, I dumped buckets of water (rain or recycled water) on their roots to encourage them grow deeper into the ground.

Since I have watered my trees well, they grow fast and tall.

Like all the houses in the neighborhood, I have a sprinkler system to water the grass. A sprinkler system is not good for trees, because of its frequent and shallow watering, the roots of the trees don’t go deep. They go where the water is. 

My maple tree is so much bigger and taller than the same kind of tree across the street, because my neighbors do not water their trees the way I do. They are growing very slowly.

Just this past weekend I took some pictures of the maple tree when I was out raking the leaves with my kids. The leaves turned red. The tree looked gorgeous.

We had a rainy and windy day today. Sadly, the strong wind blew all the leaves away. Now they are all gone with the wind.

But I still have these pictures to remind me of the colorful leaves we had on this maple tree a few days ago.

I posted more photos on my Facebook page.