Tonight (Sat. 10/23) a few Chinese families in my neighborhood gathered together for a party. It was a farewell party for the parents of one family who will be returning to China after 4 month visit.

When Chinese families get together, there is always delicious food. Eat and drink, talk and laugh, we have a good time. But deep in my heart, I often feel something is missing.

Usually it’s talking about politics, current or past events, economy, and other topics. They don’t really interest and touch me in any special way.

So I suggested to the host family who are Christians, to make this party into a fellowship and a gathering with more meaning and purpose, instead of just eat and drink and chat. I hope some testimonies would help open some eyes and minds, and spread some seeds in hearts of non believers.

The host family gladly agreed. Half of the families invited are Christians, and half are not. This would be a great opportunity for fellowship and share some testimonies.

After the dinner we gathered in the living room. We sang hymns, some by Xiao Min, a farm girl from Mainland China and a high school dropout. With no music training, yet touched by the Holy Spirit, she has miraculously composed more than a thousand hymns. Her hymns have spread widely throughout China and overseas and have become the most popular hymns among Chinese Christians.

Between singing, we also heard a couple of testimonies. I don’t know how the non believers felt, but I felt good.

I love fellowship and sharing testimonies much better than a party of eat and drink.