On autopilot

Today I did something unbelievable. Well, I really should use the word stupid here.  

I had a parent/teacher conference for my daughter at Middleton Elementary at 4 pm. I was rushing to get to school after work.

Apparently I was not thinking where I was going. I got off at Woodbury Drive as I do every day to get home. I turned left at Valley Creek and then right at Settlers Ridge to head to Liberty Ridge Elementary. I was only clear enough that I needed to go to school.

As I was approaching Liberty Ridge, it suddently dawned on me that my daughter is no longer at Liberty Ridge.

My kids went to Liberty Ridge from 2003 when it first opened till 2009. Last year as the result of school boundary change and school reconfiguration, my daughter moved to Middleton Elementary and my son graduated to Lake Middle School. This is already her second year at Middleton. Why did I go to Liberty Ridge? How could I make this mistake? What was I thinking on the road?

Clearly I was not thinking at all. I was on autopilot. Since we have a longer history with Liberty Ridge it became THE school for me in my subconscious mind.

I think everything happens for a reason. Even though I made a really stupid mistake today, but it also taught me a real lesson. It showed me the pitfall and danger of being on autopilot, going through the motions of activities without a clear mind and being present, living my life without destination and intention. I could end up in the wrong place, not only wasting my time but also my life. 

Luckily my mistake today didn’t do any harm. After taking the detour, I still got to Middleton on time for the teacher conference. I was grateful it taught me a valuable lesson.