Photos from Xikou and Mount Xuedou Scenic Area

One of the most memorable places we visited during our 4-day stay (June 4-8) in Ningbo is the Xikou and Mount Xuedou Scenic Area.

The scenic area, one of the well-known scenic areas in Zhejiang Province for its serenity, seclusion, magnificence, and wonderfulness, is located  in the city of Fenghua, 37 km north from Ningbo city. It is composed of three scenic spots – Xikou Town, Mount Xuedou and Tingxia Lake. 

Xikou Town is the native place of Jiang Jie-shi (i.e. Chiang Kai-shek) and Jiang Jing-guo. It has been frequented by tourists at home and abroad.

Mount Xuedou is a place of natural beauty with unique cliffs, secluded valleys and waterfalls, deep streams. The major scenic spots include Xuedou Temple, Miaogao Terrace (Chiang Kai-shek and and his wife Soong Mei-ling‘s summer retreat) and Qianzhangyan Waterfalls.

More photos from our Xikou visit on June 5 were posted on my Facebook page.