Volunteering At Afton State Park

My kids and I spent two hours this morning at the Afton State Park to do some volunteer work. The event was organized by a state agency for the state employees. Four other state parks in Twin Cities also participated in the event.

There were about 40-50 volunteers at the Afton State Park. We were divided into different groups. Our group of seven helped with the buckthorn removal.

We were given a trail section. We cut down buckthorn on each side of the trail. The purpose of trimming the trails is to create wide open ski trails once the snow falls.

I heard about buckthorn before. It’s a very invasive specie and can take over natural areas and crowd out  native plants or other more desirable species. That’s why cities and counties often ask for volunteers to help remove bockthorn. But I had never participated before. So this was a first experience. Now I have first hand experience and know what’s that about.

After we finished the work, my kids and I hiked a little bit. I took a few photos of the St. Croix River. The view from the hiking trail over the St. Croix River was beautiful with the fall color.

It was a perfect day to be out in the nature today.