Photos from Ningbo – yummy Chinese food

For many Chinese living abroad, one of the things we miss the most about our home land is the authentic Chinese food. Going home to China means a much desired opportunity to feast on Chinese food – food we grew up with and love, and some we can’t find in the US.

During my trip this summer I finally got to eat some  seasonal vegetables and fruit that I hadn’t eaten for many years.

Food choices are so abundant in China, you won’t believe it without experiencing it yourself.

In some restaurants, you don’t order from a written menu. All the dishes, ingredients, sea food, etc. are displayed in the lobby for you to see. There are hundreds of them to choose from. All you need to do is to point at the dishes you want, the waiter enters the numbers into a handheld device and then the order goes to the kitchen. 

Hotels in China offer continental breakfast. There are chefs on site to take your order while you wait for a few seconds or minutes.

Today I uploaded a few photos to my Facebook page that were taken at the dinner party with some friends and at the breakfast in Marriott Hotel in Ningbo on June 4-5, 2010.