Inspired by tinybuddha

Tonight while checking my Facebook page, I came across tinybuddha, a website/blog recommended by a Facebook friend.

Tinybuddha sends out daily wisdom quotes, shares tips and stories about applying wisdom to real life. You can follow Tinybuddha on Twitter or be a friend on Facebook.

After randomly reading several articles, I instantly became a fan.

One of the guest post titled 5 Ways to Create Random Acts of Love  by Alison Miller really touched me.

I made a comment after reading it: “What an inspiring story? I love it. Thanks for being such a compassionate human being. You changed the life of that man, and touched the heart of many more.”

When I saw the question on tinybuhhda’s Facebook, “Share your joy! Who inspired you today?” I had to respond: ” You insopired me through your writing and wisdom.”

It feels good to read someone’s writing that is inspiring and insightful. I am easily lost in time when I read online.

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