Just remember now that today is a special day, at least on the calendar.

It’s Sunday, October 10, 2010 – 2010.10.10.

Two years ago, China picked the date 08.08.08 and the time 8 minutes past 8 pm to start the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Did you do anything special today?

I wrote a thank you note to my pastor Frank Sanders and his wife Kathy from the Spirit of Life Bible Church. Pastor Frank is a great pastor. His sermons touch me week after week. He and his wife love people and serve God with their hearts.

I know I don’t thank them often enough. October is Pastor Appreciation Month. At least I wrote a thank you note and expressed my appreciation. I felt good doing it.

You can read more about Pastor Frank on my blog or on Wiki.

Only a couple of minutes left on this special day, 10.10.10. Hope you did something special and had a good one.  At least you were outside and enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather.