Day 20 – Make A New Friend

Today is Day 20 of Live A Better Life in 30 Days Challenge.

Day 20 is about making new friends while yesterday’s task was about (re)connecting with old friends. New or old, friendships and relationships can enrish our lives.

In the morning I had a meeting with Linda who is a business manager at Mn/DOT for over a year. I didn’t know her at all. When her name was first mentioned to me, I thought of another Linda, someone I knew. 

Linda initiated the meeting to give me some feedback regarding an application I submitted (see Update to Day 13). A god-sent to fulfilling my Day 13 task of getting feedback from others! I was excited.   

Linda gave me great ideas and suggestions on how to improve my application. My mistake was I did my application in a very non-personal way. It’s all too short and too general. From what I wrote, people can’t tell who the applicant really is. There is no personality and individuality shining through and standing out. No wonder, even though I got excellent recommendations from my supervisor and our Mn/DOT Commissioner Tom Sorel, my application was not selected.

Getting the feedback was great. I was very grateful for Linda and  Commissioner to take the initiatives to give me feedbacks. 

During our conversation, I found out that Linda and I both love books and reading. This brought us closer and gave us more to talk about.

I felt I made a new friend today, before I even read today’s challenge task – make a new friend.

What an easy task! I have already finished this task without even knowing the task in advance

I saw synchronicity at work again today.