Day 19 – Connect with friends

Today is Day 19 of Live A Better Life in 30 Days Challenge.

Day 19 is about connecting or reconnecting with friends and building relationships which can nourish our emotions and our soul.

It just so happened (talking about synchronicity) that today I met with a good friend whom I asked for feedback on Day 13. She wanted to have a face to face meeting instead of writing or calling to share her thoughts. We took a long walk after dinner.  

It was refreshing to have a heart to heart conversation, a conversation on a meaningful level.

Most of our daily conversations are on a very superficial level. They are about facts and opinions.

A heart-to-heart conversation goes on a deeper level of intimacy. It goes beyond facts and opinions. It’s about opening our hearts, sharing our hopes and dreams, our deep feelings, and our fears and failures.  

My friend and I had such a deep and meaningful conversation. It’s a blessing to have such a friend with whom you feel safe and comfortable to share your true thoughts and feelings.  It definitely nourishes our souls and warms our hearts.