Photos From Shanghai Expo

I took about 5000 photos during my trip in China this summer. I am going to share some of them when I have time.

I visited the Shanghai Expo on July 2, see my blog post here.


We were following the tour guide and waiting with a huge crowd of people to get into the Expo.

 At the security checkpoint.

The line at the US Pavilion was so long it would take about 4 hours to get in. And this was not even the most popular Pavilion. The most popular one is Saudi Arabia which could take up to eight hours in the waiting line. I didn’t even bother to check it out. So I had no photos. Recently I heard that people are not standing in the line, they are laying on the ground in the line. Crazy!

We waited for half an hour at the Canadian Pavilion, the longest time we were willing to take. 


The only goody my kids got at this huge Expo was this paper Canadian flag.


We couldn’t get into the China, US and Germany Pavilions as we would like to, but at least I took this photo in front of the China Pavilion. 

In the 10 pavilions we visited, we mostly saw pictures …

  Or TV screens like this. 


I liked the fense made with the plants.

 My brother went with us.