2010 Woodbury Photo Contest

Today I submitted a photo to the 2010 Woodbury photo contest.

I really like the change made in how the entries are submitted. In the past I had to get the photos printed, mounted and mailed/delivered to the City Hall.

Now I can submit the entries online, without any hassle. It is the advantage of technology.

The 12th annual “Focus on Woodbury” photo contest is accepting submissions through the month of August. Entries are due by Aug. 31. Rreaders will select the winner during the month of September.

The contest is open to people who live, work or go to school in Woodbury. Entries are limited to three per person. Photos may be submitted in the following categories: people and families; activities and events; landmarks; pets; wildlife and nature.

The contest is sponsored by Woodbury Magazine and the City of Woodbury.

In 2005 a photo of my son won the first place in the Woodbury photo contest. It is currently posted on the City of Woodbury Parks & Recreation Online Class Registration website.

 Woodbury photo contest 1st place winner in 2005.

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