A Love/hate Relationship

Love and hate often go hand in hand in relationships. Some people also use the term to describe their relationship with food.   

Do you have a love/hate relationship with food? Do you love and hate food at the same time?


We love certain food, but then hate what it does to our health and waistline. We love junk food because it tastes really good and makes us happy, but then we hate it because it makes us fat and unhappy.
Personally I don’t have a love/hate relationship with food, because the term is too strong to use for me. There is really not anything that I love so much or hate so much.

Yes, I like certain kinds of food better than others. I like to eat any kind of vegetable or fruit, and don’t like meat much. I won’t try any beef or lamb. That’s all.
But I can’t think of a better term or analogy for what I want to say. So let me just borrow the term here.
I am not fond of American food, because I am not used to it.
When my son tells me that he eats hamburgers and cheeseburgers at school, I often say to him: “Why do you eat that stuff?” 

For me, Chinese food is the best in the world.
Interestingly, when we were in China visiting different cities, we were invited to many banquets and dinners at the restaurants, excellent restaurants with delicious food. Lots of seafood, because seafood is considered the best and is the most expensive food in China.
During those meal times, having in front of us the big round table full of yummy dishes, my kids usually complained: “There is nothing good to eat. I am hungry.”
They didn’t like the delicious food on the table. McDonald’s and KFC would be much more desirable for them.
What we eat as kids affect what food we like and don’t like.
When it comes to going out to eat in the US, my favorite place is Chinese buffet. Any time I choose, it’s the Chinese buffet.
I like it because it’s cheap and fast. Not need to order, no need to wait. The moment you walk in, you can start to load your plate and eat. It’s faster than the fast food at McDonald’s.
I can try different varieties of food. If I go to a conventional restaurant in the US, I have no way to try different things. I get stuck with one or two dishes ordered, even if I don’t like them. At a buffet restaurant, I can pick and choose, taste something and get more if I like it.
I can try and have everything I want, from drinks, soups, appetizers, hot and cold dishes to fruit and desserts. Everything included in a reasonable price.
The only problem is I tend to eat too much, way more than I normally eat at home.
Today a few colleagues in my office went out to eat to celebrate a retirement. That was my idea, so naturally we went to a Chinese buffet.
I ate two plates of rice noodles, veggies, salmon, shrimps, and one plate of fruit. I was stuffed. I knew I had to skip dinner. That’s usually what I do.
I “love” Chinese buffet, but “hate” it afterwards when I feel the effect of eating too much. My tummy feels overloaded and overworked. It gives me an unusual bad taste in my mouth. I have to drink more water, because the food makes me thirsty.
So I have a love/hate relationship with Chinese buffet.
That’s why I don’t go out to eat much. I usually have home-cooked meals, light and healthy. It’s good for my waistline, my health and my wallet.

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  2. Qin, I had my first day at home without kids yesterday and I had a delicious salad. When my kids are around, I tend to eat less healthy. I do love eating healthily, but I also love many different kinds of food. And I will use that word — LOVE. 🙂 I’ve always been eager to try different foods, and there are really few foods that I don’t like. Though, I’m sure if I came to China, I might balk at some offerings because, like you said, I wouldn’t be used to them. But by and large, no matter what ethnicity, food is a wonderful thing, but it’s definitely good to learn to eat healthily, and only what our bodies need. I’m sure it’s frustrating when your kids don’t enjoy the same foods you did as a child. In time, I be they will. 🙂 Kids taste change and expand as they grow.

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