Love to read

My daughter loves to read. Reading is on the top of the list of few things she does without being reminded or asked. The other thing that comes to my mind is eating candies. Even though I don’t let her eat a lot of candies. I can easily find candy wrappers hidden here and there.

Since we came back from China in mid July, Amy has read hundred of books, according to her own estimation. She can read several books a day.

We visit the library every week to get new books to read.

Yesterday I asked Amy to email her 4th grade teacher, for two reasons.

First, to thank the teacher for being her teacher and mailed her school papers home since we left school before it ended. Second, to let her teacher know that Amy has finished the summer reading challenge.

Her teacher offered a summer reading challenge at the end of the school year. Every student who finishes reading 8 chapter books will be invited to a celebration of root beer floats with the teacher and her daughter.

Amy sent the email yesterday. Today (8/18/2010) she got the response from her teacher. The celebration will take place tomorrow at a swimming pool. About 10 kids from two classes will join the celebration.

Amy was so happy that she contacted her teacher just in time for the event. She was excited to be able to meet her classmates again.

Today I also received a letter in the mail from Alisa Rabin Bell at Woodbury Community Foundation. She asked me for permission to use the picture I submitted to Woodbury Photo Contest for WCF’s website and promotional materials. The picture “Love to read” shows Amy reading in the stacks at the R.H. Stanford Library.

Gladly I gave Alisa permission. 

When I told Amy about it, she asked me: “Will I be on the website and brochure?”

“Sure.” I said.

So here are a couple of Amy’s “Love to read” photos. Now her photos are on the website.