Corruption – the biggest problem in China

Economically speaking, China is flourishing and doing well. But in many aspects, China is facing big challenges, among them are corruption, injustices, unemployment, waste, pollution, human rights, etc.

Personally I think corruption is the biggest problem in China.

Corruption permeates the whole of government and society. Government officials, judges, lawyers, police officers, doctors, teachers, businessmen, you name it, every profession is affected. Big power, big corruption; small power, small corruption.

If you have connection and money, you can still, even if you are not officially qualified, to get a better job or to go to a better school/college. Patients bribe doctors so they can get better treatments. Parents bribe teachers so their kids can get better learning.

If you want to get something done, you need connection or need to bribe someone. You have no choice.

It’s a sad reality in China. People feel insecure, helpless and hopeless unless you have power or money. People don’t trust each other as they used to.

Morale is all time low. It gets worse over time.

My brother told me a few times: “I used to wish that you would come back to China. But I have long given up that idea. You are better off living in America. China is hopeless as the result of corruption.”

I agree with what Dr. Peter Zhao Xiao, an Chinese economist, recently said in his speech “Beyond Economy: China’s Transformation with the Cross” at the Global Leadership Summit, China should learn from the Christian values and embrace Christianity.

Only then, China’s economy can continue to grow. And China will have a better future and become a more harmonious society.

6 thoughts on “Corruption – the biggest problem in China

  1. do you mean by “progress” that everything in the wordl is inevitably getting better and better? if that’s what you mean, then poor silly you.

  2. You’re right , but i believe it’s not that hopeless , we can not change it in a sudden. Rome was not built in a day. Everything is in progress.

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