Gratitude well received

This morning I accidentally left my car key in the car. The moment I shut the door, I realized I was in trouble. But it was already too late. 

I called a friend, also a state employee, to arrange a ride home after work. I was planning to get a ride home and then find someone to come back with me to get the car. My friend suggested to contact Capitol Security for help. 

What a good idea! 

I called Capitol Security and asked if they could help me unlock the car. 

"Yes, someone will pick you up shortly." 

A Capitol Security officer came and picked me up. He drove me to where my car was. Using the computer in his car, he verified my ID, that I am the owner of the vehicle. Then he unlocked the car for me. After I got my key, the officer drove me back to my office building. He was very professional and courteous. 

I was so thankful for the help I received. I told the officer: “You saved my life today.” I felt like so, at least he saved or made my day. His help saved me a lot of time and trouble. 

Later I sent an email to the Capitol Security Captain John Mock to express my sincerely gratitude for the help they provided. 

Captain Mock was very appreciative to receive my call and email. He said: "Thank you for your kind words. It’s always nice to hear the positive things, too many times we only hear about the negatives. The Officer’s name is Denny Trettel, I’ll forward your comments to Denny’s direct supervisor. Feel free to call us any time, we’re happy to help!" 

Captain Mock was right. People often hear more negative comments. It’s nice to hear some positive ones. 

I was glad that I provided positive feedback. I know everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. Today’s experience was a good example. 


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Walking down the memory lane

On Thursday, July 1, 2010, I visited my childhood residence with my Dad and kids in Suzhou. 

What I remembered was quite different from what I saw. Here are a few pictures.

We lived on this street. It was much longer in my memory. I guess everything looked bigger back then since I was young and small.

From 1970 to 1980 we lived inside this house. During the visit we met this lady whom we didn’t know. She said she has lived there for 30 years. Some of our old neighbors are still living there.

Behind me is the back door of our old residence. On top where the red bricks are is the balcony where we had clothlines to air dry everything.


This street along the river took us to Grandparents’ house. The street was narrower and without rails back then. I was always afraid that I would fall into the water. So I tried to walk very closely to the wall. The trees and plants make the area look better. There used to be houses on both sides.

The old main street in downtown is now a pedestrian street.

More photos are available on Facebook.