A Quiet Moment

Yesterday morning at about 11 am, the power in my office went out suddenly. What happened was a transformer exploded outside a hospital in downtown St. Paul, causing an hour-long power outage to the state Capitol and the surrounding area. 

The moment the power went out, everything stopped, the computer, the ventilation system, the radio, the light. All of a sudden, it became very quiet and dark (not totaly dark though because I still have window light). 

I didn’t realize how noisy the environment was until the moment the noise disappeared. All the time I am surrounded by the humming sound that comes from the computer, the ventilation system, and the radio. When the humming sound stopped unexpectedly, it felt like I was in a different world. I hadn’t experienced such a quiet moment for a long time. 

I used the quiet time to finish reading a book that I needed for an interview. 

It was a moment of serenity and peace. It felt really good. 

It made me think that if it’s good to have a quiet moment free of external, physical noise that surrounds us every day, it will also be good to have a quiet moment free of internal, psychological noise. We need to give our body and mind a break to rest and refresh. 

Isn’t that what meditation is for? I really should and would like to learn and do meditation someday.