My Favorite Crocs

Last year I bought a pair of crocs , my first pair, at Walmart. I saw everyone was wearing crocs. It must be good. I should give it a try too.

It was on sale for less than $5. I loved the good deal. So I bought it. But I didn’t use it that much.

When I went on my trip to China two months ago in May, instead of wearing my athletic or tennis shoes as I used to do for trips, I took my crocs plus two pairs of slippers.

In China men and women mostly wear dress shoes, not tennis shoes. They wear dress shoes not just to work, but outside of work too. I even saw women wear high heels in parks doing sightseeing. Tennis shoes are not as popular as in the US. My brother does not even have tennis shoes. He wears dress shoes or cotton fabric shoes.

So I thought I would take and wear my crocs instead of tennis shoes. My crocs are very comfy and extremely lightweight. They are good for sunny days and rainy days. They can be used outdoor and indoor when I take a shower. I could use them all the time. It would reduce my luggage weight. And I took two pairs of slippers just in case, for more formal occasions.

It turned out that my crocs saved my life, well at least my feet. I used them during my seven weeks in China almost exclusively. I hardly touched my other two pairs of shoes.

I wore my crocs when I climbed the Mount Hua. As you can see from the following websites (, it is not an average mountain. Even though I took the cable car up and didn’t climb to the very top of the mountain. I still had to do a lot of walking and climbing. My crocs served me well all the way to the North Peak. It was more comfortable than my tennis shoes.

I wore my crocs to the Shanghai World Expo. I was on my feet the whole day walking. my feet were tired, but they could be worse without my comfy crocs.

I also wore my crocs to many formal dinners in restaurants with relatives, classmates or other people I didn’t know who are my husband’s friends.

When I went out with my mom to visit relatives, she would say something like: "Don’t you want to change your shoes?" I knew she didn’t think highly of my crocs. It’s too informal and not very respectful when meeting people. But I didn’t care so much. I just loved the comfort.

By the end of my seven week’s trip, my crocs were pretty beat up and worn out. It became slippery when the streets were wet. I could feel bumpy rocks when I walked on unpaved roads.

I wanted to buy a new pair to replace it. I looked in different stores and street vendor booths, but couldn’t find a pair that is as good as the one I have. They are mostly more hardy and plastic, not as soft and rubbish as my crocs. So I couldn’t get a replacement.

I wore my old crocs back to the US, it was almost new seven weeks ago, hoping when I go back to Walmart I can still find a new pair of corcs just like mine, and better yet, at the same price.

Wearing my crocs to the North Peak of Mount Hua that is at 1614 meters above the sea level.

I climbed on my hands and feet on to the rock. I had to hold tight to the post for fear of falling down from the rock.