Greening The Workplace

I am kind of peculiar when it comes to living green. 

I recycle and reuse to some extreme. I would take a small piece of paper that my kids throw in the trash and put it in the paper recycling bag. I would clean a plastic food container or a sandwich bag and reuse them. 

I have been doing composting all year around for 10 years, ever since I got my first garden in the first house we bought. I enjoy doing it because I can reduce the trash output and enrich the soil in the garden. It’s good for the environment. 

The peculiar thing I do? I always bring my food scraps home from work. I eat different kinds of fruit every day, so I usually have fruit peels. Instead of throwing them in the trash, I take them home. 

Today I got a new idea – composting at work. 

Since I take my food scraps home anyway, why don’t I take it one step further by offering the opportunity to my co-workers in the office? 

So I put an ice cream bucket out in the break room. On the lid I wrote: 

Qin’s Compost at Work

What to Compost:

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Coffee ground 

NO spoiled food and meat! 

It makes me feel good to help protect the environment by doing my part in reducing and recycling whenever I can. 

We’ll see how my composting at work goes.