The Most Skilled Drivers

I think China has the most skilled and aggresive drivers in the world. They can drive by each other within inches. 

While in China, I didn’t dare to drive. I don’t have the skills to drive and navigate between vehicles and passengers. I got nervious just sitting in my brother’s car and saw how he and other people drove. 

I knew my brother is a very good and skilled driver. He drives for a living and is on the road a lot. He is known for his excellent skills. Still I couldn’t help being nervious when I saw him getting too close to other vehiles or driving the wrong way. People do that because there is less traffic on the other side.

He told me a few times: "Don’t worry. I know what I am doing." 

Personal vehicles have increased tremendously in China. In old aprtment buildings and residential areas, there is no parking space. So people have to park on the narrow streets. If cars are parked on both sides, there is barely enough space for moving traffic. 

While walking, I had to be alert for traffic. Often I had to stop and step aside to let a car pass. 

At all levels of governments and government agencies, organizations and businesses in China, business vehicles are in abundant supply. Officials with some power and status have business vehicles for their exclusive use, both for business and personal purposes. 

My brother drives for an official exclusively with one vehicle, and he has another business vehicle for his own use. It is an older one that has been replaced by a new one.

I told my brother that in Minnesota state government, very few, probably only the governor and lieutenant governor have exclusive business vehicles with chauffeurs. In response he said: "China is very currupt." 

Now too many personal and business vehicles in China, too much traffic, you need good skills to be able to drive in that environment.